Obtaining credit for language courses

I. The final grade in a language course is made up of the following elements:

  • class participation – 25% of the grade,
  • test results and home assignments – 25% of the grade,
  • final test – 50% of the grade

To obtain a course credit at the end of the semester, the student has to earn a positive score in each of these categories (course credit will not be awarded to a student who has received a „0” score in one of these categories, which indicates a lack of due effort)

Grading scale

99 – 100% 5! (excellent)
93 – 98% 5 (very good)
87 – 92% 4+ (more than good)
77 – 86% 4 (good)
71 – 76% 3+ (more than satisfactory)
60 – 70% 3 (satisfactory)

The student receives 2 ECTS points for completing 60 hours of language classes, i.e. the achievement of the set learning outcomes.

II. The detailed course requirements and completion criteria will be set by the course teacher and communicated to the students during the first class session in a given academic year.

III. In case of the semester course comprising 60 hours (3 0x 2 hrs), the student can miss 3 classes without an excuse and in case of course comprising 30 hours, blended courses and e-courses, the student can miss 2 classes in a semester without an excuse. Classes missed by the student have to be made up in the manner required by the course teacher. These requirements are communicated to students during the first class session.

IV. The final grade (together with the ECTS points) is entered into the USOS system.

V. The unsatisfactory grade can be awarded only for lack of sufficient academic progress , confirmed by the final test grade, partial test grades and assignment grade.

VI. Students register for classes and un-register from classes by themselves through the token registration webpage exclusively during registration rounds.