General rules (exams)

  • Registration for UW language exam is conducted EXCLUSIVELY by the Internet,
  • Students who have not registered for the exams on-line will not be allowed to take part in the examination,
  • On-line exam registration takes place only between posted dates
  • Directive No 4 of the UW Rector states that students of philological, language and cultural studies have to take an exam in a language other than the one constituing their major,
  • The USOS system does not provide the technical possibility for a student to register for two different language examinations in the same exam session

Students that wish to take two language exams in the same exam session,

should register for the one by themselves and then contact the Office

  • To register for an examination the student needs an account and a password,
  • Students who registered for language courses and PE classes use the same password while registering for the language examination as they used then
  • A list of language examinations on offer as well as the information about the registration procedure and formal exam requirements can be found on this webpage
  • The information and offer can be browsed even without the password