Information for doctoral fellows

I. Language courses

  • The language courses offered have been extended to two semesters or 120 hours,
  • One half of the cost of language couse is covered by the doctoral fellow, the other by the University
  • After obtaining credit for two semesters (120h) of a language course, each participant receives 4 ECTS points,
  • Registration for the chosen language course is done by the doctoral fellow, through the token registration webpage
  • Registration is possible only during a round of a token registration

II. Language examination in the PhD awarding procedure [more]

III. Language examinations

  • All UW doctoral fellows are allotted 2 free exam tokens,
  • UW doctoral fellows are obliged to pass a modern language exam at the C1 level,
  • All those taking a certification exam are required to pass both the written and oral parts,
  • For passing the certification exam, each doctoral fellow will receive 2 ECTS points,
  • In order to receive an examination token, the student is obliged to contact the Office