Information for doctoral students

I. Language courses

  • The length of the language courses offered have been extended to two semesters,
  • After successfully completing two semesters (120h) of a language course, the participant receives 4 ECTS points.
  • Self-registration for a selected course is obligatory through the token registration system (
  • Registration for courses is possible only during a registration round

II. Language examination in the PhD awarding procedure [more]


III. Language examinations

  • All UW doctoral fellows are allotted 2 free exam tokens,
  • All those taking a certification exam are required to pass both the written and oral parts,
  • For passing the certification exam, each doctoral fellow will receive 2 ECTS points,
  • To receive an examination token, doctoral candiates shoudl contact the Office for Organisation of Foreign Language Provision by email (

IV. Procedure for conducting doctoral exams in foreign languages in remote mode

The following procedure for conducting doctoral exams in foreign languages by the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching, intended for the persons whose PhD awarding procedure has been opened on the old terms, is based on Ordinance No. 84 of the University of Warsaw Rector on the rules for conducting exams and final tests in remote mode, dated 4 May 2020 (

  1. Doctoral exams in foreign languages are conducted using IT tools which enable the control of their course and registration, and ensure data security of both students and examiners.
  2. In order to conduct doctoral exams in foreign languages, the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching uses Google tools available as part of the „G Suite for Schools and Universities”, including primarily Google Meet for oral exams.
  3. The doctoral exam in the remote mode is subject to the obligatory registration of image and sound using Google Meet. The recording of a remote exam is kept for 14 days from the date of its conduct.
  4. The responsability for the preparation and conduct of a doctoral exam in remote mode using a specific IT tool rests with the examiner. Only the examiner conducts the recording and is responsible for securing it against damage and sharing it with other people, as well as deleting it after 14 days from the date of the doctoral exam,
  5. Before the doctoral exam, the examiner receives an exam protocol and prints it out. The protocol should be sent by the doctoral candidate or by the dean’s office of the faculty or research unit that has commissioned the examinations.
  6. After the exam, the examiner fills out the protocol in paper form, scans it and sends it as email attachment to the doctoral candidate’s University faculty or outside research unit which has commissioned the doctoral exam.
  7. The examiners keep the paper protocols of the conducted exams with them and, immediately after work on site is restored, pass it to the doctoral candidate’s UW faculty or outside research unit which has commissioned the doctoral exam.
  8. The above procedure does not exclude the possibility of conducting a doctoral exam in a traditional form with appropriate security measures.