Registration for foreign language exams (autumn examination session) – 12.07.2022 (from 21.00) – 23.08.2022 (till 23.59)
16 marca 2022

Students register for language examinations by themselves ( exclusively during a set registration round

Registration for non-students [more]


Registration for the 10-hour on line course 12.07.2022 (from 21.00) – 18.08.2022 (till 23.59)

Students who have already used two examinations tokens and plan on taking the certification exam again, will be obligated to take 10-hour on-line course to make up the language course failed due to unsatisfactory results. The cost of the course and evaluation ot its learning outcomes is 150 PLN [more]


Automatic re-registration for the summer semester
31 maja 2021

Students who have registered for the winter semester, will be AUTOMATICALLY REGISTERED for the summer semester

(even if they have any tokens left), in which case they will be charged a fee of 1090,20 PLN [more]


Minor changes that will be introduced to the online Language Certificate examinations
15 kwietnia 2021

Dear Students,

We would like to inform you of some minor changes that will be introduced to the online Language Certificate examinations for the academic year 2020/21, starting from the June examination session [more]


Additional examination token
18 listopada 2020

Please be advised that a UW student may additionally receive a free examination token if he meets all of the following conditions:

  • passed the language exam in a remote form and obtained a positive grade;
  • wants to use the awarded token for the full certification exam;
  • he has already used up his two examination tokens;

In order to receive the token, please contact us by email:


Procedure for conducting doctoral exams in foreign languages in remote mode
15 listopada 2020

The following procedure for conducting doctoral exams in foreign languages by the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching, intended for the persons whose PhD awarding procedure has been opened on the old terms, is based on Ordinance No. 84 of the University of Warsaw Rector on the rules for conducting exams and final tests in remote mode, dated 4 May 2020 [more]